BOOKS      Russian Orientalism: Asia in the Russian Mind from Peter the Great to the Emigration. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2010. Translated into Chinese as 俄罗斯东方主义. Beijing: Beijing Yanziyue Culture & Art Studio, forthcoming in 2017. Translated … Read More


  World History since 1900 Fall Term – HIST 1F95 The history of the world during the twentieth century, an era characterised by wars and revolutions of unprecedented violence as well as sweeping political, social and cultural change. The fall … Read More

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David Schimmelpenninck van der Oye, FRSC   Professor of Russian History Department of History, Brock University 1812 Sir Isaac Brock Way, St. Catharines, ON L2S 3A1 (905) 688-5550 ext. 3507   Detailed CV Short CV


Product / Service Categories Project Name Talk about this portfolio piece–who you did it for and why, plus what the results were (potential customers love to hear about real-world results). Discuss any unique facets of the project–was it accomplished under … Read More


Talks A dynamic and sought-after speaker, David knows how to engage audiences through his knowledge and enthusiasm. While skilled at speaking to scholars, one of his unique strengths is making difficult material accessible and relevant to all. David is available … Read More


Publications   Interesting books and articles written by the professor. Learn More Talks Professor Schimmelpenninck offers speeches in which he explains turning points in Russian history. Learn More Courses With some 20 years of experience at Brock University, Schimmelpenninck teaches … Read More


About David Schimmelpenninck van der Oye David is Professor of Russian history at Brock University in St. Catharines, Canada, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. His research focuses on 18th- and 19th-century Russian cultural, intellectual, diplomatic and … Read More

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